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Albert Thiel Tests the Majano Wand

27 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments

Aquarium Author and General Aquarium Expert, Albert Thiel, one of the original Aquarium keepers in the USA, has agreed to test a Majano Wand.  Albert and Paul Baldassano, Majano Wand’s inventor, have been friends for quite some time (They both started keeping salt water aquariums back in the late 70’s). Recently, Paul asked Albert if he would give the Majano Wand a try, and Albert Thiel said yes.  Albert wrote a fantastic review of the Majano Wand, which is listed below.



“Some time ago Paul B. sent me a sample of the Majano Wand to test out and report on, something I gladly do for products sent to me, and test myself and always give objective feedback on anything I test.

I never accept money for anything I test and can therefore be totally objective. So here is the background and the results of the testing:

Paul sent me the Majano Wand but it should also be called Aiptasia Wand as it was used by me on an Aiptasia that came in on one of the rocks that I got from dling (David) and that had some corals on it, but also an Aiptasia that after a short while had gotten bigger and suddenly became really visible to me, whereas originally I did not notice it because, I guess, it was too small to draw my attention.

So since I was going to test the Wand at a pet store nearby (not my LFS) but had not done so yet, I decided to try the Wand out on the Aiptasia on that rock.

On the rock you can see a large round hole and slightly higher up and to the right, by the bottom of the heater, you can see the hole that the Aiptasia was lodged in.

In the second picture you can see (but not very well) the tip of the Wand stuck into the hole.

In the third picture you see the actual tip out of the water, and the last picture shows what happens when you fry the Aiptasia by pushing on the red button of the Wand part shown in the last picture.

The method to use is to put the tip (needle-like) on the Aiptasia and then push on the red button and whatever happens as a result fries what you hold the tip against and bubbles form which you can see in the picture below as well.

As is obvious the Aiptasia that was in that hole is a “goner” as there is not even the tiniest piece of it to be seen any longer. The time it took to really eliminate the Aiptasia was maybe 20 seconds and I pushed the button about 4 times and held it on the Aiptasia for about 2 to 3 seconds.

I probably held it longer than I needed to and feel that the Wand works so well that the Aiptasia was actually gone and melted or fried or whatever you want to call it even if I had stopped after 2 times.

Now if the Aiptasia is larger than the one I had then you may have to repeat the button pushing 3 or 4 times indeed, but you do it all in one session.

Hold the tip on the Aiptasia, push the button, hold for a second or two, wait maybe 2 seconds, push again and hold for a second or two, and repeat a few more times if needed, although based on what I saw it is my feeling that in most cases you will not need that many on Aiptasias but you will probably on Majanos as they are typically quite a bit larger than an Aiptasia.

The conclusion is that if you have Aiptasias, this is a far more terminal way of getting rid of them than injecting with a liquid (KW, or lemon juice or joe’s juice), as this really “burns” the Aiptasia up in a very short period of time and the pieces that may enter the water cannot regenerate as they are “mush” of tissue that have no way of regenerating.

The mush floats away and seems to dissolve pretty quickly and the skimmer and mechanical filter can remove whatever is left of it if anything.

The conclusion is that if I see any other Aiptasias the Wand is what I am going to use for sure. It works and it works real fast and real well and gets rid of the Aiptasia and if it does the same thing on Majanos, and I do not see why not, then it is the method to use to get rid of those as well if you have any (I do not).

Below are the pics referred to above. Also if you have any questions about the WAND, post them here for Paul or myself

Albert Thiel's Photos #1

Albert Thiels Photos #2

Albert Thiel's Photos

Albert Thiel's Photos

Albert Thiel's Photos


A Link To Albert Thiel’s Thread, “The Official Ask Albert Thiel Thread”, on can be found Here, and a direct link to the post about the Majano Wand can be found HERE


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