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Did a 19 year old discover a way to remove all plastics from our oceans?

11 Sep Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

It seems that a 19-year-old inventor by the name of Boyan Slat says we can remove nearly 20 billion tons of plastic waste with his concept he calls an ocean cleanup array.  It is made from a massive series of floating booms and processing platforms that gradually suck in the floating plastic like a giant funnel. While Boyan says that they still need to do more research and testing to ensure that their device would work as hypothesized, this is a sign of great hope for the world.

This would be an amazing invention, arguably the most significant single invention over the last 10-20 years, if it works as hypothesized…I sure hope it does!!!

  1. SantaMonica10-27-13

    Got one from Marine Depot, tried it, it works and it’s fun. I don’t have any more aiptasia now that nutrients are low, but I know I can use the Wand in seconds, if ever needed again.

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