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Win a Free Majano Wand

22 Sep Posted by in Blog | 2 comments

We are running another contest for a free Majano Wand.

This contest will be for Reefers who really need a Majano Wand. We will be selecting 4 finalists for the free Majano Wand contest based on pictures of tanks that need a Majano Wand to combat Aiptasia, Majanos or invasive corals.


Check out the details on our Facebook page.


————->CLICK HERE<—————

  1. Brent McCloskey10-01-14

    I have a huge infestation of them. I’ve tried peppermint shrimp, Aptasia X, lemon juice and about every other method I’ve heard of. I can’t get rid of them.

  2. robert earl03-07-15

    hi i am i desperate need of one of your fantastic long black majanos so i can get rid of the problem i am having with majano in my beautiful reef tank i have spent thousands of pounds on my tank and am obsessed with it being healthy and vibrant but at the moment the majano problem i am having is doing my head right in i have done loads of research and to be honest i am blown away with your product i think it is amazing i import a lot of corals and fish inverts etc and have a lot of people having the same problem there no suppliers of your device in uk and i would love to promote your device to people and help them with there problem any help on this matter would be greatly welcomed

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