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Keep the device away from children and be very careful that you don’t stick anyone.

Always keep the push button and power adapter out of water and Totally dry.

Remember, the rod is PVC and very fragile, it can break, don’t bend it.

The probe is dulled but still sharp, be careful.

Use only according to the directions.


  1. Uncoil the wires and plug in the power supply. Carefully, remove the plastic cap on the tip of the Majano Wand.
  2. Push the button, as you stick the needle in/out and on/over a Majano. Do Not Hold The Button Down when not touching a Majano.
  3. Keep sticking the needle in/out and sliding it across the Majano, as it will only kill the parts of the Majano that touch the needle.  After five or six insertions, the anemone should be all white and gooey looking.
  4. If you see any tentacles or tissue still alive, just touch them/it with the needle while pushing the button.  It is sometimes easier to slide the side of the probe along the Majano rather than stick it.
  5. If you do not kill the entire animal it is possible for it to regrow in a short amount of time.  White “goo” should float to the top when the Majano is dead, remove this goo. Repeat steps 2 and 3 when needed.
  6. Don’t keep the button pushed continuously (we are not talking about a minute or two here, we are talking about a larger scale) as the device does emit some gases into the water.   (see  chart below)  After an hour, you can use it again.
  7. When finished, Run/Soak the tip in fresh water for a minute and dry completely.
  8. Never allow water to enter the push button. Water (Salt or normal) will rust the metal connections and ruin the Majano Wand’s push button, this includes water that may drip down the wires and get into the push button housing (when hung/held upside down)
  9. Replace the cap and store in original box for safety.

Usage times:

(Do not keep the button pushed continuously)

300 gallons————-60 minutes
200 gallons————-40 minutes
100 gallons————-20 minutes
50 gallons—————10 minutes
25 gallons—————5 minutes

After this amount of time, wait two hours for the gases to disperse and The Majano Wand can be used again.