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“Excellent quality I used it for hours today. I found it works best if you go to the oral disc first, poke it, and then push the button, the Nem will close onto the zapper needle and start zapping I went straight into the body down to the foot (many into deep crevasses) and made several x marks through the foot. If you push the button b4 you get to the Nem senses the wand from further away and retracts to soon to get a good poke. Keep the button pushed while lifting the wand the Majano sticks to it and its easier to discard. I started because I was ready to re-aquascape so I turned every rock. Now to the sump.”

“I love the Majano Wand! It killed all my Majanos, and even helped me kill some of the awful brown Paly that was encroaching on my nice zoas. Greatinvention, thanks so much for making this!”

“Just tried the zapper last night. awesome….fun to watch it “boiled” and disintegrated them sob’s….both majano and aiptasia. the long tube and angled neck work perfectly in a deep tank…..i could never reach them by any other means. great invention….two fins up!!!!”

“I’ve tried every method known to man, Kalkwasser paste, Aiptaisia X, Joe’s Juice, vinegar etc. and this is the easiest, most effective way to rid your tank of pest anemones. Between my wife’s office tank and our tank at home I must have exterminated over a thousand majanos with ease in no time at all!”

“Works just like in the video .I’m able to zap majanos that are right in the middle of a zoa colony without touching any zoas. Also works on unwanted zoas and mushrooms.Has a long reach so you can get into tight spots. I’m very happy with the Wand.”

“This thing is the best thing since sliced bread! I just killed a majano the size of a baseball in my 45g tank and it worked flawlessly! This is so much more easy then injecting. I went on to do the other 2 tanks and killed everyone I saw in my 180 and 120. I’m so happy I could kiss you but I think my wife would object lol.”

“Where has this thing been???  You should be selling tons of these. Not only does it work great but it’s fun to use in a sick kind of way….lol”

“Our local reef club had the chance to have Marine Depot demo theirs for us (they are headquartered here in socal), it was amazing! It blasted away numerous aiptasia away in split seconds. There is something rewarding about being able to nuke them away so quickly and easily.”

“You have my two thumbs up”

“Thank you very much!! i appreciate it. This is is awesome it took care of my Aiptasia! keep up the good work.”

“The Wand is a Majanos worst nightmare. It destroys everything it touches. Takes a few zaps, but it turns the victim to snot.”

“Well, I received today my brand new Aiptasia killer! Woohoo!! thanks to Paul (your’e a genius). I was like a little kid as soon as I got home and saw the package. Started to open it (which by the way very well packaged) had instructing and all. Took a minute and examined it. Next start killing aiptasia. I got a couple, some hid from me as I was coming. But the ones I got whet down without a fight.”

“I’ve got one of these as well. This thing is wonderful!! I love Killing the little bastards. This is far better than anything else I have tried, Joes Juice etc. and much more satisfying as well. Great design!!”

“I get such a kick out of frying the little pests. Probably because I have tried everything else, Fish, chemicals, kalk paste, and everything else short of voodoo.”

“It’s a miracle worker and fast!”

“I can see 1 by 1 melted away when the Wand touches it. For years and years I have been battled with these monsters, finally I found the answer.”

“I have been doing mine in small doses, watching for new growth. So far I have only seen new growth around one I didn’t get completely because it sank into a hole in the rock and it was only 2. Other than that I have probably killed about 20 with no problems at all. JMO, but it is almost as if the shock kills the eggs they release as well. Can not confirm it, but thats how it appears after a week of zapping. With Joe’s Juice, Lime Juice, Kalk paste, there were always a bunch of little ones popping up by now.  Definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of buying one!”

“The Majano Wand came in today. It works wonderfully!!! Killed 4 or 5 hard to kill majanos within a minute or so.”

“I have killed a dozen or so majanos with ease. I have found your invention to be well, designed and constructed. And, most importantly, very effective. the Majano Wand should be a must have tool for every reefer.”

“Absolutely fantastic!”

“Well after about two weeks, my experience with these toys is truly a pleasure. There is a learning curve in terms of nailing these little critters. It seems that once you paralyze one with initial contact they are unable to retreat, and with continued contact they simply disintegrate while turning to snot. The long side of the contact seems slightly better for some of these pests, although you can follow them into their hole with the point. So far, with ones I turn to snot, there is no recidivism. All in all, a GREAT tool. If you want references, I am quite happy to do so.”

“The cord length is nice and long, as is the wand itself, and I had no problems reaching all areas of my tank and rock with the zapper tip. I plugged it in, and went after my majanos!  A couple little soft jabs with the tip and they turn white and poof – gone! Well made and easy to use, with a nice little push button to turn on the juice!”

“I have the version 8 of the Majanowand, pretty close to the final version when the patent was finally granted. I’ve used it over the last 2 years on majano, aiptasia, ugly mushrooms. Pretty much used it on any softie growth I didn’t like the looks of, even some larger versions of GSP that were crowding out a colorful colony of zoas. The effect is very local, so you can use it even if your culprit is close to a prized coral. You need to make sure you cauterize ALL the coral tissue, especially the stem. You can actually feel a “mushiness” with the tip of the needle when you are on tissue. Just keep zapping, following that “mushiness” down to any hole it may lead you, until you feel bare rock. Done this way, I’ve successfuly killed off majano, aiptasia, ugly errant mushrooms. The GSP was more of a challenge, had to crisscross the rock with the needle tip, finally taking a toothbrush to it to finish off the mat.”

“I give it a 10 out of 10 stars rating!”

” now have a non-chemical tool, with literally “pinpoint accuracy” in taking care of the rest of them. With this Wand I am now in control!!!”

“From a very satisfied customer – Thank you!!!”

“By the way, I killed a majano that was in the middle of a zoa colony with no harm to the zoas – try doing that with one of the chemicals!”

“I received my two Wands and did not know what to expect. But now that I have used them, I have to say that they are very effective at turning aiptasia, majanos, and even mushrooms to snot.  The point of the zapper can follow most aiptasia into their hole.  Once they are stunned, they are history. An excellent tool, and quite addictive.”

“Unbelievable”. Man this thing just melts those little suckers away.”

“Only writing to let you know how perfect this thing is. Works great, thank you very much.”

“If i had only know about this wonderful tool sooner it would have already paid for itself in all of the other wasted money attempts at eradication of these things.”

“Thanks Paul for making this its a reef saver.”

“Finally was able to get that aiptasia i could never reach with kalk.”

“I have been researching your wand for some time. I had a change jar and collected spare change for three months to buy it. Just ordered it and couldn’t sleep last night, it was like Christmas night I was so excited to get rid of my aiptasia!”

“I picked one up from MarineDepot to work on the plague of brown mushrooms that I allowed into my tank like a *******. Works as advertised, it does require patience and vigilance.  Slowly working my way through, and I am making progress, but shrooms are tough. I swear, after a nuclear apocalypse the only thing left will be cockroaches & mushroom corals.”

“I have used Joes for quite a while. It does kill them, but when you have quite a few in an area you are reduced to the crop dusting method, and that seems to encourage more to grow. I bought the wand and now spend every morning and night liquidating my captive prisoner majano population. The wand works great, and does not cause any fluctuation with chemistry that joes did. love this thing. have to kill another dozen now”

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